| 02.08.16

The Wisconsin Children's Trust Fund works to ensure that all Wisconsin children grow up in healthy and nurturing environments free from violence with an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.         

Partnering with Early Care and Education Providers

Learn more by downloading a publication from Strengthening Families–Wisconsin called "10 Great Reasons to Partner with Early Care and Education Providers, and 10 Great Ways to Do It."

Strengthening Families: A Protective Factors Framework

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Wisconsin was one of the first seven states to pilot the Strengthening Families through Early Care and Education Initiative, an innovative, research-based strategy to prevent child maltreatment by building on the strong relationships that parents of young children typically have with their child care providers. Strengthening Families–Wisconsin continues to work in three main areas:

  •  Increasing the number of child care programs in the state that build protective factors with families;

  • Enhancing relationships between child welfare and early care and education; and,

  • Improving coordination across fields that work with young children and their families.

To learn more about the work being done in Wisconsin, please click here.

Visit Wisconsin's Early Childhood Collaborating Partners to learn about other projects.

Enhancing Relationships between
Child Welfare and Early Care and Education

Wisconsin is one of three states currently receiving technical assistance from the Center for the Study of Social Policy for work on enhancing the relationship between child welfare and early care and education. County agencies, child care providers, and other community partners are exploring ways to enhance these relationships in five pilot counties (Jefferson, La Crosse, Marathon, Washington, and Waukesha Counties). At the same time, work is being done at the state level to integrate the Strengthening Families philosophy and the concept of partnering with early care and education into child welfare practice throughout the state.